Fashion for models – Louis Vuitton clothes for women, bags, accessories…

Most of us like luxury brands and expensive clothes. Today I brought Louis Vuitton clothes for women. Especially on bags and other accessories.

Beautiful model wearing Louis Vuitton bag.

Louis Vuitton bag for women

Louis Vuitton bag for women

This brunette girl, carries a high-value bag in the market. It is a bag with the typical design of the Louis Vuitton brand bags. It is very curious that his hair is the same colour with the bag. She also wear white shorts and an white top.

Blonde girl wearing Louis Vuitton HandBag

This girl carries a handbag of this brand. Unlike other outfits, this oufit is more elegant and could be used in infinities of occasions. It can be used to go on the street and also to party, it is great that this type of dress, serve for almost any occasion.

Fashion girl – pretty girl with Louis Vuitton Handbag


This look is spectacular. A very glamorous street outfit, wearing a luxury handbag and very tight pants. The winter hat also very tight and makes it a much more attractive look. This look is very good for skinny girls with brunette hair.

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