Tumblr Russian Girls – Why do women prefer that social network?

Many of the users of Tumblr, are women in their majority. In this article we will talk about the advantages of the Tumblr social network and the reasons why many women prefer to use this social network and not others that are even more popular. We also update with pictures of the style that are published on that social network.

Tumblr one of the best fashion social networks

Russian girls from tumblr

Russian girls from tumblr – pictures

One of the reasons why many girls prefer the social network of Tumblr, is because they make many publications on fashion, makeup and accessories. Unlike other social networks, this social network is focused on sharing outfits, fashion clothes, creating new trends and new clothing styles. Many Tumblr girls also publish their results of diets and sports routines, showing how they have overcome their physical condition. That makes many girls use blogs from famous tumblr girls, as a form of motivation to be fitness girls.

Tumblr is one of the social networks with more privacy.

brunette russian girl with business style

brunette russian girl with business style – tumblr girl images

While in other social networks it is necessary to have to give names and surnames. On Tumblr it is only necessary to put an email. There are social networks in which they are even forced to publish a real photo, give the phone number or even have to send an identity document.Tumblr users are lucky to have great privacyOn the internet there is less and less privacy and it is something that many users search the Internet. Most of the most used social networks do not have as much privacy. Snapchat is also a social network with a lot of privacy, but Tumblr has a different style of use.

Less restrictions and fewer ads. Good experience of the user.

Russian girl with green eyes - women from tumblr

Russian girl with green eyes – women from tumblr pictures

It is a perfect combination. At present, many websites censor photographs of adult content or content in particular, even come to censor some political ideologies. On Tumblr there is no censorship and blogs have content of all kinds. Tumblr blog designs are very simple and make the page work very fast. A quick design with very few ads makes the use of this social network very comfortable. Many website owners sometimes do not think about their users and fill their pages with annoying ads. Tumblr has learned from the mistakes of other web administrators and has made a very comfortable page to use, maybe that is one of the keys to tumblr’s success.

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