Top – The most beautiful Ukrainian girls and models (Article&photos)

The women of ukrania are among the most beautiful in the world. Today we are going to show you some of the most beautiful models of Ukraine. As is logical, not all Ukrainian girls are so beautiful, but you can get an idea of the facial features that many women have in Ukraine.

Alena Spodynyuk – The most beautiful woman in ukrania

She is a pretty young girl, she was born in 1995. It has been miss ukrania in 2015 and also in 2016, winning this award twice in a row, it is very difficult, especially if she live in one of the countries that stand out for having the most beautiful women around the world.

In this photo we can see it with a very nice haircut and with some background views that are impressive. This is one of the most famous photos of this Ukrainian model that has fans around the world fall in love,

Snejana Onopka – Beautiful model with green eyes.

She is a skinny model and has very typical facial features of an Eastern woman. His eyes are very striking and beautiful. His eye color is green and his hair is blond. She was born in 1986 in the capital of Ukrania, Kiev. She has worked for brands of high purchasing power, such as DG and prada.

Ani Lorak – Ukrainian girl with green eyes

This woman is not a model, however, she is a woman well known in Ukraine as a singer. Ani Loran was chosen in the year 2005 to leave in Eurovision. In this photo it goes very well. She wear a very elegant outfit and she is makeup in a great way.

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