Tanned Girls Gallery – From Tumblr and other social networks

Many girls want to be very tanned. In this article, we present some girls who have reached a good tan and we will also give them tips to get a tan like them.

Tanned girl with black thong and pigtail (photo)

Tanned girl with black thong and pigtail.

Tanned girl with black thong and pigtail.

This girl also has a very toned body, surely practice fitness or some sport. To have such a body, you need to make a good diet and also sunbathe for several days in a row. Genetics also helps a lot in sunbathing. If you are very white skin, it is better to sunbathe in 45-minute sessions.

Tanned girl with skinny body (photo)

skinny tanned girl picture

skinny tanned girl picture

White bikinis look great when you have tanned skin. One of the advantages of having a tan is being able to wear white clothes in a better way. In this case a thin girl with a good tan, wears a white bikini that looks great. It is advisable not to buy the cheapest tanning oil and buy the best one. The girl in the photo has a tanning oil on her right hand.

Teen girl with tanned body – (photo)

Teen girl with tanned body

Teen girl with tanned body – beach picture

The fashion of getting a very tanned skin is very popular in teenage girls. This girl from Tumblr has achieved one of the best tans in the internet. It also has a perfect body of proportions. It is advisable to drink carrot juice to get a good tan.

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