Jogger Sweatpants for girls and tumblr style [Article & photos]

sweatpants girl tumblr

Tumblr girl with sweatpants

In the image you can see a skinny girl wearing sweatpants combined with white sneakers. This style is a mixture of formal style with informal style. Since the senakers make it become a more urban style. We like this mix of styles.

The Sweatpants are a type of press that are being used a lot in this 2018. Especially the sweatpants of very famous brands, such as those of the Adidas or hollister brand. Many tumblr bloggers are uploading suits with them combined and without forgetting the swag style, influenced by new musical styles like trap.

How to buy cheaper sweatpants?

In the online stores of sellers in China and on Ebay, there are very cheap clothes and similar to the brands that are in fashion. However, the materials are usually not so good. The biggest disadvantage of buying from seller from China is the time they take to arrive and sometimes they never arrive. It is important that you look for information from the vendors or photos of the clients.On Aliexpress many buyers leave comments and photos of the clothes. In the images you can see the materials and final quality of the clothes.

What is the best way to pay for clothes from China?

The most recommended way to pay in stores in China is through Paypal. Because they have an anti-fraud system that lets you claim the money from the seller to whom you sent it and get the refund.

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