SocialNetworks used by Russian Girls [Article & photos]

All girls and all women, like use the social networks for share images and share their life style. In russia the most social newtork used is Vk. This social newtork is similar to Facebook. Instagram is also used in Russia. If the girls dont have a boyfriend, they do accounts in Badoo and Tinder.

VK – The first in the ranking

Russian girl and social networks

In this website all russian boys and russian girls, make accounts for share their images, videos and other things. It’s a free social network and has a few restrictions. One of the best options in this social networks, is the option for make groups and use groups.

Tinder – Most used for russian girls in travels

This social newtork is know in other world, especially for de young girls and young boys. This social network is free but has some options for users who have paid a fee. The best option of this social networks is know people according the exact proximity.


This social newtork is only for search boyfriend or girlfriend. You can vote the girls or the boys, if you like or if you dont like. If the like is reciprocal, you can chat with the other user, but if you pay de fee, you cant chat with all users.

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