¿Who is Kate Grigoreva? (Article & pictures)

You have already seen in other articles, that we like to talk a lot about popular girls from russia. Today we will update with a little information about Kate Grigoreva, she is famous around the world and we update with pictures of her.

Kate Grigoreva – Russian women with blonde hair.

(@_kate_g_) el

This girl was born in 1988. She has received many beauty awards and has marketing studies. Currently she is working with Victoria’s Secret. She has almost half million of followers on intagram social account. She works in very famous cities such as New York, Milan or Paris. Cities well know for their passion for fashion and models. This model has clamied worker’s rights, boycotting thei own actions in China, in defense of the workers who are forced daily in the Asian countries.

She is a very tall girl. Russian girls are usually very tall, this girl is 1.80cm tall. In the previous photo you can see it with a normal look, wearing shorts jeans and luxury brand bag. A lot of girls look at her for lear how to dress. Kate has a very youthful style. If you want to see more pictures of this girl, next we give you her instagram, in which you can follow her.

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