TOP – Famous instagram girls usernames from Russia [Article&photos]

Many girls from Russia have instagrams and will be famous in these Social Network. Some girls earn big amounts of money, only for upload images with brands and videos talking about companies. One of the most strinking things is the general fashion girls is have athletic body.

Irina Dreyt – Fitness russian girl

Irina Dreyt (@irina_dreyt) el

This girl has half of million of followers in Instagram. She is brunette and she has a tanned body. She like upload images wearing bikini, wearing thongs and wearing hot wear. Also like upload photos of the travels and videos in different cities. She is an example to overcome many girls who want a perfect body.

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Malinkaaa95 – Brunette russian women

She has almost a million followers in the Instagram social network. She dresses with a very own style and also like luxury clothing brands, such as Louis Vuitton or Gucci. She like drive luxury cars and upload photos in the best hotels. One of her favourite places to take selfies is in the beach.

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sofia_official_ – Beautiful russian girl

This russian women has than a one million of followers. She like upload photos eating and upload photos in luxury restaurants. She is a fitness girl and eat healthy food. You can see this girl in the most popular beach clubs, such as is Ushuaia (Ibiza). She like the cars of the ferrari brand and wear beautiful dresses.

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Nadiyamol – Russiang with curly hair

 (@nadiyamol) el

She has almostt two million of followers. In her instagram you can see images wearing hot wear and hot posses. Her hair is curly and among his hobbies is also having a healthy lifesyle.

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