Fashion and models from india (Article and pictures)

We like to talk about fashion from around the world and about models from different countries. Today we want to talk about models from India and also about how to dress in India. Remember that we have a category only for countries and models from diferent countries.

Indian Model

indian women

indian girl photo

In this photo you can see a girl dressed very different from the normal in the western countries. In Indian fashion, golden or yellow colors are widely used. The background of the photo is an abandoned place, where old boats are kept. We found this model in a free gallery, in which photographers upload non-profit images, so it is possible that she is not a famous model.

Teenage model from india

Indian teen girl homemade

Indian teen girl homemade

This is a homemade picture of a teenage girl from India. It is not a famous model, however, thanks to photos of this type, we can observe how fashion is in normal people and also how fashion is in urban style. Many people want to see how you see famous people or very famous models, however, on our website we like to appreciate the urban style and dress of ordinary people.

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