TOP – Famous arab girls / models. [Article & photos] Iranian and lebanon women

Today we write in the category of models by zones. This time we will talk about models of Arab origin. Here we will talk about their dress, the work they do and many details about them.

Mia Khalifa – Arab actress.

Mia Khalifa was born in Lebanon but lives in the United States. She is very famous on the internet and also on all existing social networks. She become famous thanks to the adult business. Now she aso work in other industries and other projects to make money thanks to the fame.

Rosarita Tawi – Miss Lebanon


Other model from lebanon. She work for fashion designers. Apart from being a very attractive girl she also has a higher education. She has studied business administration. This women has been miss world in the year 2008.

Jessica Kahawaty – Selfie

This model is australian and descendants of libanese. She works as a model, as an actress and entertainment presenter. This model has been Miss Australia in the year 2012. She has the title of degree of Bachelor of Laws and Business

Mahlagha Jaberi – Arab young girl


This model is one of the most beautiful Arab girls in Iran. She was born in 1994. In her social networks she has millions of followers and has a very big influence in the world fashion.

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