Clothes for women – Luxury girls outfits (Article and Gallery)

As you know, we like to talk about beautiful models and expensive clothes. Today we also update with luxury girls who wear very expensive clothes. Among the brands of clothing that you will see below is Balenciaga and others.

Asian girl wearing Balenciaga cap for women

It’s a selfie of a girl from the intagram social network. She wear a white Balenciaga cap. Lately the caps for girl are very trendy. This cap is valued at 270 dollars. It is a very expensive garment, for the simple fact of being a cap, however, Balenciaga clothing is very exclusive clothing.

Supreme outfit for women


The clothes of supreme are no expensive than other brands, but if you know how to combine it, you can get a luxury street look with a lot of style. In this photo you can see how this girl has managed to combine a jeans, from the brands supreme and other clothes.

Luxury dress style for skinny girls

If you are looking for a different style and these are sold out of the previous street styles, here we show you a very luxurious style that suits the skinny very well. It is a very simple style, but the simple can also be very good, especially if you combine it with a necklace or luxury handbagRelated article: luxury outfits for women.

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