Balenciaga Sneakers – Article and gallery of pictures – 2018 clothes

Balenciaga clothing is becoming very fashionable in recent months and is likely to become more fashionable in the coming months. This fashion has not only reached the USA and Europe, in other countries it is also very fashionable, for example in Asian countries, such as South Korea or China. Then we talk about some of the models of shoes that we like the most.

White balenciaga speed

White balenciaga sneakers

White balenciaga sneakers information and pictures

The Balenciaga speed is one of the most used and preferred models by fans of this clothing brand. The color white is also one of the most used and draw much attention with dark pants. These sneakers are also in other colors, such as red and black colors. They cost around 600usd. In the photo you can also see how well they combine with dark colored jeans.

Balenciaga shoes – Triple S

Balenciaga triple s shoes

Balenciaga triple s shoes

These sneakers are also very famous, but they have a style oriented totally differently than the previous sneakers. These shoes have a style of the 90s. They use several colors that are not usually used in the snekaers of other brands. These sneakers look great with winter clothes. They are also in darker colors, such as black and with the same design. These sneakers have an approximate cost of 200$. With a jacket of the style of the nineties, they would combine very well.

Balenciaga Runners – Race model – Luxury and elegant snekaers in 2018

Balenciaga Race

Balenciaga Race shoes

It is one of the most elegant and rare models at the same time. It is also one of the most demanded and used models of the Balenciaga brand. The most frequent color is black and white, but they are also in many colors and some very original, such as Beige. The price of these shoes is around 500 and 600 dollars, depending on the store.

Balenciaga beige shoes

Balenciage beige shoes

The beige shoes are in another league, on this website this model and in this color are our favorites. We have left the best ones for last. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best models of sneakers in the world and it is a revolution in fashion, in 2018 they will wear a lot of beige shoes.

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