The fashion trends of Asian girls on Instagram (Article & pictures)

Instagram is a social network that is becoming very fashionable and increasingly has more users. Today we will talk about the fashions that Asian girls follow on Instagram social networks and the reasons why this social network has been so successful among young people and in all countries of the world.

Illustration of an asian girl on instagram and modern.

Instagram asian girl - Swagger women from Asian contry

Instagram asian girl – Swagger women from Asian contry

This young Asian girl has a very accomplished style. See a series of sports that are very fashionable, in this case are wearing puma sneakers, however there are other brands with similar styles, such as adidas superstar or new sneakers Gucci. The sweater with long neck is also a great trend today, many models have been photographed with turtlenecks.

Reasons for Instagram’s success.

Asiang irl with shorts - example of asian women on instagram

Asiang girl with shorts – image of asian women on instagram

Instagram has been very successful in young people. It is because it has become the second social network to use with friends, while Facebook is the social network to give a good image to family and colleagues. Many girls dress as nuns on Facebook and then on Instagram they are the opposite. The function of having a nick and not a real name, is also one of the reasons that have made him a great success to the Instagram social network.

Street style of Asian girls and online stores.

white outfit - asian teen girl

white outfit – asian teen girl with long hair

Asian teenage girls also like the use of social networks like Instagram. At present there is a great passion for fashion and online stores that are advertised in Instragram, sometimes Asian girls who sell out the most demanded products in the fashion market. While many girls in Europe and America buy fake products from China, some Asian-rich women look for original products in online stores in Italy, France and the United States

The reality is that in Asia not all girls are rich and many have to sew clothes from all over the world. Sometimes counterfeit and illegal clothing brands cause many Asian girls to be exploited on a job. Some models that we talk about in this web, are against the labor exploitation.

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